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MY PENSION – Improving REGOS services in the labour market

Project information

Project name (operation): MY PENSION – Improving REGOS services in the labour market

Beneficiary: Central Registry of Affiliates (REGOS)

Partner: Croatian Pension Insurance Institute (HZMO)

Total value: HRK 54,095,820.01

Co-financing rate: European Social Fund (85%)

State Budget of the Republic of Croatia (15%)

Implementation period: March 2019 – December 2022

Short description of the project (operation)

22nd of May 2020 – Central Registry of Affiliates has signed a grant agreement with the Ministry of Labour and Pension System and the Croatian Employment Service directed for the implementation of the project entitled “My pension – Improving REGOS services in the labour market.”

The project with a total value of HRK 54,095,820.01 is co-financed by the European Social Fund as a direct allocation of funds under Priority Axis 1 “High employability and labour mobility” of the Specific Goal 8.vii.2 “Increasing the availability and quality of publicly available information and services on labour market, including APE[1] measures” of the Operative Program “Effective Human Resources 2014-2020.”

Services provided by REGOS will be improved through the implementation of several elements:

  • Establishment of Pension Information Centres (MIC)
  • Implementation of the web portal – My pension
  • Digitization of working processes within the institution
  • Various educational activities for employees in the field of pension insurance

The goal of establishing Pension Information Centres (MIC) is to bring the pension system closer to the beneficiaries and ease the access to all information regarding the pension system.

Pension Information Centres will be established in the 4 largest cities in Croatia – Zagreb, Split, Osijek and Rijeka. In every Centre, professional staff from the REGOS and HZMO will be available for information and help for the beneficiaries.

The digitization of REGOS documents and working processes, as well as the implementation of modern IT support will be conducted simultaneously. The aim of this activity is to provide beneficiaries, pensioners and insured persons a new digital platform with maximally individualized pension information.

The estimated duration of the project is 46 months, and the main goal is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of REGOS as a public service for citizens in order to provide quick and quality services to beneficiaries of the pension insurance.

[1] Active Policies of Employment