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The second pillar pension

Here are five basic steps to exercise the right to second pillar pension:

  • Croatian Pension Insurance Institute authorizes pension rights to a future pension user, and submits the data from the authorization to Regos for the members of the mandatory pension fund.
  • A member of the mandatory pension fund/ future pensioner selects the pension insurance company by signing up at Regos counter at FINA offices
  • After Regos receives the authorization of pension rights from the Croatian Pension Insurance Institute, and after the deadline for changing the pension insurance company has passed (by notifying Regos through an R-POD form), Regos issues an order to the mandatory retirement pension company of the member of the mandatory pension fund/ future pension beneficiary, to the account of the pension insurance company selected
  • The pension insurance company with the mandatory pension fund member / future pensioner signs a pension agreement after the individual receives from Regos the data of the R-POD form on the total amount of capitalized savings in the personal account on the day of closing that account.
  • In accordance with the contract concluded (from the remitted funds), minus the prescribed fee, the pension insurance company pays the second pillar retirement.