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Key steps in the process of gaining the right to first and second pillar pension

  1. The insured person submits an application to the HZMO (Croatian Pension Insurance Institute) in order to initiate the process of obtaining the right to his/her pension
  2. To the future pension beneficiary REGOS delivers the informative document on pension (Informativni izračun mirovine – Informative Calculation of Pension)
  3. The insured person chooses an optimal version of the future pension and gives a statement of a choice at the REGOS counter (FINA offices)
  4. HZMO than issues the Decision on recognition of the rights to pension
  5. Disbursement of pension – HZMO
    – If a member of a fund opts for a pension from pillar I (option A), HZMO will disburse the pension as if the insured person has been insured only in pillar I
    – If a fund member opts for a pension from pillar I and II (option B), HZMO will disburse the basic pension from pillar I
    (A pension supplement that is part of a pension is included in the payment)
  6. If a member of the fund opts for a pension from both pillars (Pillar I + II; option B), after the HZMO submits the Decision on rights to a basic pension, the selection of the pension insurance company is made at the REGOS counter at any FINA office (Identity Card is obligatory)
  7. After the closing of the personal account, personal savings are transferred to a MOD (Pension Insurance Company)
  8. The Pension Agreement is signed with the MOD (PIC)
  9. According to the selected pension option, MOD (PIC) pays out the pension of the pillar II. There is also a possibility of single payment of the 15% of the saved funds.


NOTE: If the basic pension of the pillar I is higher by 15% than the minimum pension from the pillar I; the future pension beneficiary may decide on single payment of 15% in gross amount of the total capital (personal) allocated funds to the MOD (PIC) minus the income taxes and surtaxes.


Abbreviation clarification:

HZMO – Croatian Pension Insurance Institute

REGOS – Central Registry of Affiliates

FINA – Financial Agency

MOD – Pension Insurance Company