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Personal Account Balance

On the first day of employment, a personal account is opened for the insured person. That account is intended for the employer to pay the contributions during the entire period of a person’s membership. All data are recorded, regardless of the change in the status of the insured person.

The insured person is not bound by the membership in the obligatory pension fund to pay mandatory contributions to pension insurance.

An employer who pays a monthly income has the obligation to pay the contributions with each salary. For independent taxpayers the obligation to pay contributions is determined by a decision of the Tax Administration.

Personal account balance can be checked through the following website:

To see the balance of your personal account, you need an e-Pass credentials that can be obtained at the Financial Agency offices with your ID card and PIN (OIB) or with a token of the bank.

If the insured person (mandatory pension fund member) finds that his or her personal account is different than expected, there are several possible reasons for that; for further clarification one must contact his or her employer to check if he or she has paid the obligatory contributions to the second pillar (JOPPD / R-Sm) that are necessary for transferring the funds to one’s personal account.