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Electronic documents from the Registry

Electronic documents from the Registry

Regos is authorized to electronically provide available reports that are kept in the Registry to insured persons and other persons obligated to submit reports,while respecting the principle of confidentiality. Developing and upgrading the Regos e-services system enabled a faster and more efficient way of communicating with citizens. The documents are available in electronic form, using the e-Citizen credentials: e-Pass or m-Token.

Through the Regos e-services, you can get the following documents free of charge:

  • a statement of receipts and paid contributions for pension insurance from 1 January 2014 from the JOPPD form (document for the bank)
  • personal account balance and transactions confirmation
  • excerpt from the Regos Register up to 31 December 2013.
  • certificate of a mandatory pension fund membership,
  • notification of monetary asset value in the personal account,
  • copy of the application for a mandatory pension fund,
  • excerpt from the register for another income – up to 31 December 2013,
  • certificate of share ownership.

Based on an online inquiry, Regos issues the requested document electronically and immediately submits it to the requested email address.

A link to download the electronically signed PDF document is sent to the e-mail address from the inquiry.

To obtain the excerpt from the Register (end of 2013) or the Statement of Receipts (JOPPD – as of 1January 2014) required for applying for loans from the bank or other financial institutions, a person needs to provide an alternative e-mail address. An e-mail address of the clerk in the bank can be used as the alternative address.

Documents are available for download within 15 days from the day they are sent to the user’s e-mail, after which they are deleted from the system and need to be re-requested.

Application and Access to e-Citizen via NIAS using e-PASS

All users that have already registered for Regos electronic services through the e-Citizen system can also use the services of other institutions (e.g. Croatian Pension Insurance Institute) with the existing username and password.

If you are a new user, you will need an e-Pass to access Regos e-services (as well as other e-Citizens services), which you can get at the Financial Agency office branches all across Croatia by submitting an ID card and PIN (OIB).

The procedure is the following:

Complete the e-Passform in any office of the Financial Agency and submit it along with your ID card (or your Passport).

You need a PIN (OIB) and an active e-mail address for the registration process.