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Instructions for communication and REGOS services provided electronically

In accordance with the preventative measures and health protection, Central Registry of Affiliates (REGOS) is reminding affiliates and employers how they can pose a question and get the answer and how to obtain REGOS services electronically.



The following documents can be downloaded through REGOS e-services free of charge:

  • Document for the Bank – JOPPD Report of Receipts and Paid Contributions for Pension Insurance as of 1st of January 2014 (from the JOPPD Form)
  • Certificate (confirmation document) of balance and trading on your personal account
  • Excerpt from the Registry of REGOS till the 31st of  December 2013
  • Certificate (confirmation document) of  the membership in a compulsory pension fund
  • Notification of the monetary value ​​of assets on the personal account
  • Copy (document) of the application in mandatory pension fund
  • Excerpt from Registry for the second income – till the 31st of December 2013
  • Share ownership certificate.

Mandatory Pension Fund (application/change) is an electronic service of REGOS that includes the selection or change of a Mandatory Pension Association and a category of Mandatory Pension Fund through the Internet.



Electronic documents that employers can request from REGOS free of charge:

  • Review of the nonaligned JOPPD Forms and nonaligned payments
  • Collective review of related and unrelated data from JOPPD Form with payments divided by types of contribution to income for I. and II. pension pillar
  • List of received validated JOPPD Forms
  • Unified print of the JOPPD Form – Offprint MIO
  • Review of the unrelated JOPPD Forms and payments
  • Print (copy) of the data from page A of Form R-S / R-Sm – data from 2005 to 2013
  • Print (copy) of the data from page B of Form R-S / R-Sm – data from 2005 to 2013
  • Review of unrelated R-S/R-Sm Forms and Contribution Payment of the II. pension pillar
  • Review of related R-S / R-Sm Forms, payments and refunds of contributions for II. pension pillar for each year
  • Review of related R-S / R-Sm Forms, Payments and Refunds for the I. pension pillar related to the second income
  • Review of unrelated Forms R-S / R-Sm and payments for I. pillar contributions related to the second income
  • The requested electronic documents will automatically be transferred to the email address provided when requesting the document.

All information are available on the REGOS website, and for more simplified and easier communication questions can also be posed via WEB form or telephone 01 48 98 999.


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REGOS will provide the unobstructed communication through all of the mentioned channels so that users will be able to get the needed information and services.